Does your vehicle loan need a tune-up?

You might have heard of refinancing your home.

Did you know you can refinance your vehicle and credit cards as well? Bring your non-PEFCU loans to Penn East and we may be able to reduce your interest rate. Refinancing might allow you to lower your monthly payment, shorten your time to being debt-free, consolidate other high-interest debt, or all three! Bring it to Penn East and save.

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Get the only credit card built for member-owners

A PEFCU credit card is a no-compromise mix of affordability, rewards, and spending confidence

Most credit cards promise high rewards but come with an equally high annual fee. Others try to offer savings but fall short on convenience and accessibility. As a member-owned financial cooperative, Penn East is able to offer a credit card that blends the perfect mix of rewarding points and cash-back, an affordable loan rate, and the convenience and purchase acceptance of the world’s most trusted card network. When you spend, spend like an owner!

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