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You deserve the best

This card is packed with benefits, not fees. Just talk to us to apply.

Platinum Mastercard Credit Card

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Save on interest—instantly

Whether you're looking for a better deal on interest, or you just want a great all around credit card, this option delivers. Save money with a competitively low rate, and save even more when you transfer a high balance from another credit union or bank. We'll get you set up immediately with more affordable monthly payments. Plus, we never charge balance transfer fees, cash advance fees, or annual fees. The card also comes with identity theft protection, fraud protection, and complete monitoring and online payment options through eZCard.

  • No balance transfer fee
  • No transaction, annual, or cash advance fees
  • Rates starting as low as 9.99% APR*
  • Secured credit card also available
  • Complete card control and online payment options through eZCard

I got a great rate and was able to transfer a large balance that got a high rate over to the credit card here without any hassle. It was the simplest solution that made the most sense!


Have questions? Want to apply? Talk to us today.

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