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Savings Account

Save Smarter

The right savings account can jump start your future. We offer plenty of options, so you can pick the savings combo that works for you.

Share Savings/Regular Savings Account

This savings account makes you an official Penn East member, giving you access to loads of services and reasonably rated loans. You can also use it as overdraft protection, or to work towards any miscellaneous savings goal. Plus, you can open as many different regular savings accounts as you like, for any savings goal you may have!

Advantages: secures your credit union membership, you can open as many as you’d like

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Money Market

Perfect for higher balances, this account lets you earn an excellent rate, but still have the flexibility to make up to six withdrawals per month. Make a deposit and watch your money add up.

Advantages: access to your money, competitive rates

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Share Certificate

A Share Certificate lets you put money aside for a specific amount of time (or term) in exchange for a higher dividend rate. It’s an incredibly secure way to start investing.

Advantages: our very best rates, great long-term solution

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Club Accounts

Want to go on your dream vacation? Eager to make this Christmas magical? Our Christmas Club and Holiday Club accounts help encourage you to save for your goal.

Advantages: incentive to save, easy to open

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